Are you a marketing agency in need of an analytics expert? You’ve landed in the right spot!

We offer a wide variety of services for agencies of varying sizes.

Our Services for Agencies

Our analytics experts are here to help – whether you’re a boutique agency looking to expand your knowledge of Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, or a larger firm that’s temporarily understaffed and needs some extra support.

No matter your size, we’re here to support your growth in developing analytics solutions that meet your unique needs.

Here are some ways we can help:

Don’t trust the data in your Google Analytics reports? Not sure if Google Analytics is configured correctly? Our experts will perform a complete audit of your Google Analytics configuration and implementation to identify areas for improvement. Plus, you’ll receive a full list of action items to make best use of our findings.

Running experiments on your website is a great way to learn about your audience. Discover how well your audience responds to specific messaging, images, and colors with guidance from our experts. Then, apply these insights to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Take the next step beyond website analytics reporting with our Digital Marketing Audit for insights across different digital channels. We’ll dive into the performance of your SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Paid Marketing tactics to help you strategize for your business’s booming future.

Have more work than your team can manage? Let us help you make the best use of your resources. Our on-demand reporting services enable you to make informed decisions about your marketing performance without hiring a full-time analyst. Gain valuable insights into your marketing and web efforts from our easy-to-read weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.

Want training for yourself or your team on how to effectively use Google Analytics? We offer customized individual and group training sessions, teaching you how to measure your digital marketing performance with Google Analytics

Our experts are certified in both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Whatever your tool of choice, we can help you develop an appropriate implementation plan to ensure successful reporting requirements. Our strategy includes providing detailed specifications for developers and even reconfiguring tools as needed.

Expand your Adobe Analytics knowledge with customized, in-person training sessions. We offer group and individual training tailored to your marketing needs run by our Adobe Analytics experts with over ten years of experience.

We’ve been successfully partnering with agencies across the West Coast for years. This means that working with Ambitny is a great way to expand your services in the digital marketing industry.

All of the above services are available with the option to develop and sell our package under your own brand name. Your reputation coupled with our expertise is a powerful combination!

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