Google Analytics Training

  • Are you struggling to understand and interpret your Google Analytics data?
  • Do you want to learn how to measure the impact of your digital marketing efforts more effectively?

Let us help you get the biggest return for your investment with our signature Google Analytics Training!

Here at Ambitny, we create customized training packages specific to you and your team’s needs. These trainings can range from one person to a team of five people in your organization.

How to Get Started

Get in touch and we’ll send you a discovery questionnaire to learn as much as possible about your business’s unique needs. Then we’ll schedule a complimentary discovery meeting to learn even more about you and the skills you’re interested in acquiring from our Google Analytics Training session. Finally, we’ll take the gathered information and develop a project estimate.

The fine print: Any necessary travel will be quoted as a separate line item. Remote/Virtual training is also an option to accommodate budgetary restrictions.

What to Expect

Receive a Personalized Training Guide!

Along with guidance from our Google Analytics experts, we supply each training participant with a customized training guide designed specifically for your training session. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting any of the details from the training – you’ll retain the guidance long after your initial investment.

Not sure which training topic(s) best fits your needs? Some popular training modules include:

Google Analytics Interface

Our experts will walk you through the user interface, familiarizing your team with using Google Analytics while providing shortcuts and tips for easier navigation. We’ll review the detailed reports within each main category (Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion) to teach you how to answer key questions about your website audience.

Campaign Best Practices

We’ll present you and your team with best practices for setting up your marketing campaigns using Google Analytics. This walkthrough will help you identify your most successful channels to best engage with future clients. We’ll also supply you with an Excel document to track your campaigns, as well as a URL builder to ensure your landing pages are tagged correctly according to marketing parameters.

Custom Reports

The power of Google Analytics lies in its Custom Reports. Using case studies, we’ll teach you how to set up your own unique reports for your business, bringing the true value of Google Analytics to your organization.


Dashboards provide clear visual snapshots of your website’s overall performance. Our experts will: walk you through how to set up dashboards, show you widget limitations within a dashboard, teach you how to share a dashboard, and much more.

Data Validation

It’s important to determine whether or not your Google Analytics tags are effective for two main reasons:

  1. To gain a better understanding of how data is captured, helping users interpret data in the reporting.
  2. To identify when something isn’t tagged that should be or to flag a sudden drop in a data point, giving your team a method for finding the underlying issue.

*The full investment for Google Analytics training is determined after your discovery meeting. Within 48 hours of the discovery meeting, you will be given a statement of work with the final project fee. All fees are billed and must be paid in advance of service.


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