Reporting & Analysis Retainer

What are you doing to measure your marketing performance? How does your target audience engage with your brand throughout the customer journey?

Our reporting and analytics retainers will help you answer these questions and more.

We know you and your team are busy – and that you value the importance of measuring your marketing ROI. That’s why we’re here to take analytics off your shoulders and help you allocate your resources as effectively as possible.

Our team of experts are both Google Analytics Certified and Adobe Analytics Certified. We’ve been providing data-driven marketing insights to organizations in a wide variety of industries for the past decade—almost as long as these tools have existed! Our past clients include non-profits, food and beverage companies, finance firms, technology companies, consumer packaged goods firms, travel companies, and more.

How it Works

We schedule a complimentary discovery session to get to know you, your company, and your needs. We become fluent in your goals, target audience, and current marketing initiatives to gain a better understanding of your marketing strategy. With this information, we provide you with a recommended approach for a measurement strategy that aligns with your goals and marketing plan.

What to Expect

We’ll deliver a measurement strategy – your roadmap to measuring success. This document highlights important metrics (also known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs) for measuring and reaching your goals while engaging with your target audience and managing marketing initiatives effectively. Your customized roadmap will define specific reports as well as outlining the recommended cadence for success.

Reporting & Analysis

Once the Measurement Strategy is defined, we help you execute on the necessary reports or set up automated reports. The defined measurement strategy will allow you to prioritize what you need to outsource and what can be manage internally by your team.


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