Website Optimization Experiments

Running experiments on your website is a great way to learn what’s most effective with your target audience. Many businesses could use some help setting up experiments, running the tests, and reading the results.

Our experts lead you through this process, teaching you how to use tools like Google Optimize that allow you to experiment with messaging, buttons, colors, imagery, functionality, and so much more.

What to Expect

Step One. At our first meeting, we’ll kick off a discovery session to discuss your business, marketing, and customer experience goals. We’ll explore your current website performance and request access to your Google Analytics (if you have an account). By providing us Google Analytics access, we can easily assess and provide recommendations on current pain points to help improve your customer experience on the website.

Step Two. After our discovery session, we’ll draft a Website Experimentation Strategy and present our recommendations to your team. Our strategy will include 3-5 experiments, the recommended length for each experiment, and our expected results. With your approval, our team will immediately execute 1-2 of our recommended experiments.

Step Three. Our team of analysts will monitor the results during the duration of the experiment(s), ensuring that each test has no negative impact on your website performance.

Step Four. At the conclusion of each experiment, we’ll share the results with you, providing recommendations for next steps.

How to Prepare

Not sure how to prep for your Website Experiment discovery session?

Fill out the pre-meeting discovery questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your company ahead of our meeting. Make sure to provide as much information and be as detailed as you can. This will ensure that one of our highly skilled analysts customizes the session to your needs, guiding you through the process as painlessly as possible.


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