Google Analytics Audit


Do you trust your Google Analytics data?

We believe that data integrity plays an essential role to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data. Which is a critical aspect to the design, implementation and usage of data for reporting and analysis.

There are several configurations and best practices to follow when using Google Analytics. If they are not setup properly, it can cause reporting challenges (especially for automation) and data inaccuracies.

After our Google Analytics Audit, we promise that you will:

  • Get the most out of your Google Analytics
  • Trust the accuracy of data when measuring performance
  • Gain visibility into your customer journey
  • Utilize new functionality in Google Analytics that will help improve reporting efficiency

Why perform a Google Analytics Audit?

There are two primary reasons you should perform a Google Analytics Audit. If you can relate to either of them, we recommend that you work with us to help you on your way to measuring for success.

  1. You have Google Analytics on your website and you don’t use it. – Often times, when a website is built, the developer will automatically include Google Analytics tracking on your website. You may log into Google Analytics from time to time, look at traffic trends and close it up because there is erroneous data that doesn’t make sense and is more confusing than helpful. Surprisingly, this happens more often than not. 
  2. The person who implemented your Google Analytics has little knowledge of a digital measurement strategy. Not all data collected by users who visit your website is automatic. It requires someone who specializes in Google Analytics AND digital marketing measurement.  

With our Google Analytics audit, we include an overview of all the settings we recommend, why we recommend them and how they impact your data. This in turn helps you understand how to interpret the data. We also include detailed instructions on additional functionality in Google Analytics that will help you measure your marketing performance more efficiently.

What to Expect

Our Google Analytics Audit follows a four-step process to ensure that your business gets the most bang for your buck with this free and effective tool. During our Google Analytics Audit, our experts will:

  1. We’ll schedule a 30-minute kick-off call to review any questions that you have and request access to your account.
  2. Review the settings and configurations for one (1) Google Analytics account, one (1) Property and one (1) View.
  3. With your approval, we will make any necessary Google Analytics configuration updates on your behalf.
  4. Present you with a comprehensive report showing all our findings, updates made and recommendations.

How to Prepare for the Google Analytics Audit

Fill out the pre-meeting discovery questionnaire so that we can get to know you and your company ahead of our meeting. Make sure to provide as much information and be as detailed as you can. This will ensure that one of our highly skilled analysts guides you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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