Who We Are

Welcome to Ambitny! My name is Nicole Leite and I founded Ambitny in 2016. Drawing from the Polish word for “ambitious”, Ambitny recalls my Polish heritage while channeling the infectious ambition of businesses and entrepreneurs constantly seeking growth and success. Collecting the right data and using analytics effectively enables that growth, and that’s where we come in!

We tell stories with data to drive your success.

Based in Santa Barbara County, we’re a boutique analytics agency that delivers reliable insights to help companies like yours make strategic business decisions that improve digital performance. With our data experts by your side, you’ll increase your understanding of your digital audience’s behavior through the collection, integration, and interpretation of online data.

Why trust us with your business? Prior to founding Ambitny, I worked as an independent analytics consultant for three years, following my ten years of experience working for digital marketing agencies, including Mirum (a J. Walter Thompson Company), Geary Interactive, and Red Door Interactive.

I’ve consulted on nationally recognized brands across various industries including Travel & Hospitality, B2B, Technology, CPG, Healthcare, Retail, Non-Profit, Finance, and many more. Additionally, I’ve managed teams, implemented processes, and prompted many cross-agency partnerships.

Mentoring organizations and helping marketers enhance their data analysis and interpretation skills is my passion. It’s a great feeling seeing so many of my associates grow and succeed in their respective industries after our work together!

Ambitny is the fruit of my years of labor in the digital marketing industry, and I’ve gathered a talented group of experts dedicated to delivering excellence to our amazing and diverse clientele.

Here at Ambitny, we’re on your team—our mission is to help your organization achieve its analytics goals!

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your company’s specific needs, and we’ll design a specialized approach for educating your team and growing your business.